October 01, 2023

Greenfield car wash under new ownership

Jared and Maggie Masker are eager to help a community amenity keep its shine on for many years to come as they’ve bought Bob Twombly’s car wash in Greenfield.

They’re calling the car wash, located at 607 E Iowa Street, Super Suds Auto Wash.

Twombly has owned the car wash for almost 29 years, but Jared has had a longtime dream of owning a car wash. The time was right and he was able to negotiate purchasing the business and is excited to continue offering great service and amenities to the community.

“This is a nice thing that a community has. To keep it user-friendly and provide quality service to the community [are a couple of draws we had to it],” Jared said.

“He always comes up with crazy ideas,” Maggie said. “I knew he had wanted to do it for a long time. I was super excited that he was going to be able to do it, so I was on board.”

The car wash contains three manual bays and one automatic bay. Jared said daily checks require looking for leaks, cleaning up any spilled soaps and waxes, and making sure the bays are kept clean.

Water pressure has been improved in the manual bays and credit card system is next on the list of improvements the Maskers would like to make. A long-term goal is getting a dog wash.

“We just want to keep providing a quality car wash to the citizens of Greenfield,” Jared said.

The Maskers both have jobs that allow them to work remotely for at least part of the time, so they are excited to dive even deeper into becoming more involved in the community. Jared is a volunteer firefighter and the Maskers have volunteered in the community in many other ways while they’ve lived here.

The Maskers want the community to know they can come to them with suggestions or complaints about the car wash and they will be taken very seriously.

“We moved here nine years ago and didn’t know anybody here,” Maggie said. “Being younger, we wanted to get really involved in different things. It’s been a really good place for us to live. We don’t ever see ourselves leaving Greenfield. We want to put back into the community what we feel it’s given to us over the last nine years.”

Caleb Nelson

Caleb Nelson

Caleb Nelson has served as News Editor of the Adair County Free Press and Fontanelle Observer since Oct. 2017. He and his wife Kilee live in Greenfield. In Greenfield and the greater Adair County area, he values the opportunity to tell peoples' stories, enjoys playing guitar, following all levels of sports, and being a part of his local church.