June 25, 2022

HEALTH CORNER: June is Wound Healing Awareness Month

Wound Healing Awareness Month in June presents a great opportunity to talk about wound care and the benefits of treatment in a wound center.

For many people, cuts or sores naturally heal within a short period of time. However, for individuals with underlying medical conditions – such as diabetes, obesity or an impaired immune system – wounds often fail to heal properly on their own, leading to extended hospital stays, high healthcare costs or potentially dangerous medical complications. Seniors are also at high risk for developing a chronic wound, with an estimated 3% of people over 65 having open sores in the United States.

For those at risk, even the simplest of wounds can turn into a significant problem. When the body is unable to heal a wound on its own, wound care is essential to avoid serious long-term complications.

Wound healing centers, like the Wound Clinic at ACHS, have highly skilled medical staff who specialize in wound care treatment. The centers follow a multidisciplinary approach to aggressively treat non-healing wounds, which supports faster healing and better long-term outcomes.

The Wound Clinic at ACHS can provide the medical expertise and treatment options needed to support the body’s healing process, speed recovery and limit complications. After evaluating each patient’s unique medical history and symptoms, the clinic staff develops a personalized and advanced wound care treatment plan that may include:

Diagnostic testing Nutritional evaluation Infection control Specialized dressings Pressure-relieving devices Debridement Ongoing patient education

The Wound Clinic, which is located in Adair County Memorial Hospital, is open for appointments on Mondays and Fridays. For more information or to schedule an appointment call, please call 641-814-1913. No referral is required.