November 26, 2021

The List: ‘The most important holiday’

I’m stealing John Van Nostrand’s headline on his column in this week’s edition just to hammer home the point that I really enjoy Thanksgiving.

Yes, there’s something peaceful about watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on television, stuffing myself with Thanksgiving Dinner and falling asleep in my chair afterward as the tryptophan from the turkey and the ambient noise from a football game on television take over.

In the small town newspaper business, it’s honestly busy from Halloween until the New Year, I’d say, but Thanksgiving is certainly a stopping point for a short while in the midst of it all.

I was actually able to take a week off last week. We got away to the city and spent time with some friends for a few days, then we came home and I took care of a bunch of loose ends that had been eluding the day-to-day schedule.

One of my biggest takeaways from the pandemic has been that it’s OK to not be busy. As someone who wants to contribute something to the world, that’s a hard concept to grasp and live out, but I believe it’s essential. I can only work as hard as I’ve rested or recharged my batteries.

At the onset of COVID-19, we were told to keep to ourselves for 14 days to limit the spread. In some ways, that 14 days is still going. In many other ways we’ve moved on and are beginning to live with the virus in our midst. In fact, it’s kind of rearing it’s head again, and I know several people who have become infected by it.

At any rate, this Thanksgiving I encourage you to remember back to the early days of the pandemic. As dark and unsettling as they were, there were some good lessons to be learned in them. We should be thankful we’ve come out of those days but not forget what we learned in them.

Professionally, I’m thankful for the ability to tell stories and report the news. I’m thankful I’ve gotten back to the sports sidelines lately and am excited to continue in that. It gives fun variety to my job.

Personally, I’m thankful for my faith in Jesus, for my wife who is an enduring companion through everything, for food on our table and loving family, as well as good health.

Don’t forget to take a minute and see what you’re thankful for this weekend. Also, don’t forget to support local this weekend on Small Business Saturday. It’s vitally important we all do so!