May 15, 2021

Handicap playground to soon be complete in Fontanelle park

FONTANELLE — A Fontanelle teen who had an idea about two years ago to have a handicap playground installed at the Fontanelle City Park is about to see his idea become a reality.

Carter Goetz, who is now a sophomore at Nodaway Valley High School, realized a need for a handicap playground in the Fontanelle community so that all children can enjoy the park.

“We’re ready to get this put in,” Goetz said on Sunday as volunteers worked tirelessly in the park to begin the project.

Original plans Goetz had included an accessible sand digger, however the plans now only call for an accessible merry-go-round and swing set, with room for a sand digger if that develops farther in the future.

On Sunday, workers arrived in the morning, and a large group from the community went to work spreading dirt over the area in the south side of the city park where this equipment was to be installed. Sand was packed down and a hole dug where the merry-go-round will be.

The swing set will include accessibility for wheelchairs and people with other special needs.

Goetz is a member of the Summerset Citizens 4-H Club and chose to do this project as part of his 4-H experience. Members of the club helped Sunday with installation of the equipment, which was originally due to be installed last spring, about when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Workers expected they would not finish installation of the project Sunday but would continue this weekend, weather permitting.

Goetz was grateful for all of the workers who stepped up to help install the equipment.

“We’re really grateful for all of the volunteers who have helped,” he said. “It wouldn’t be possible or as far along if it wasn’t for those people.”