April 22, 2021

Broers’ art on display in Warren Cultural Center lobby

GREENFIELD — She helped lead her girls track team to a team title at the Clarke track meet the night before and turned around to set up her own art display Friday at the Warren Cultural Center lobby.

Sophia Broers, a senior at Nodaway Valley, will have her art on display during April and May there. While she also enjoys music and sports, Broers said she has had a love for the visual arts since right after she learned to walk.

“Like, when I was 2 or 3 years old, I would wake up every morning, go straight to the table and start drawing,” said Broers, the daughter of Steven and Kristy Broers of Fontanelle. “I grew up doing it, and my passion grew as I got older. I wanted to keep trying, keep learning new skills and doing new things.”

Broers’ art display includes three parts and several different mediums, but she says her favorite mediums are sketch drawings in pencil and watercolor.

A portion of Broers’ display includes canvas painting, one part includes varying mediums and the third includes warm-ups she does in her high school art class that is taught by Melissa Dean.

In the area that includes various mediums, Broers’ favorite piece is one that says “You Can’t Feel my Pain.” She drew it during quarantine last year at the onset of COVID-19 when it was difficult to be closed off from much of the rest of the world, and Broers said she enjoys art because you can show people how you feel without having to say it.

Another favorite piece in the display, Broers said, is a painting called “God’s Great Love.” It’s a depiction of a bird of many colors. She said that while it may seem strange to depict God’s love in that way, it reminds her of His care for the entire world. It shows a mother’s hands and a baby’s feet to convey that notion.

While warm-ups are usually a concept you hear about in music or in sports, Broers said she has benefited by doing warm-up exercises introduced by Dean in her visual arts classes.

“We spend the first 20 to 30 minutes of class just warming up our muscles, I guess. It gets you into that mindset of creating and doing art. and, it’s almost a breathing thing, too,” Broers said. “It’s given me a chance to try drawing a lot of different things I wouldn’t have thought about drawing before. Our art teacher will also pull up images and we have to recreate them for her, and it’s taught me a lot.”

One early influence and encouragement to Broers’ art was her elementary art teacher, Linda Wolfe. Wolfe retired in 2015 from Nodaway Valley but was very pleased to be able to be on hand to help Broers set up her display at the Warren Cultural Center last Friday morning.

“I’m so thrilled for her because, as I’ve told her, I have never had a one-woman show myself yet,” Wolfe said. “She’s done some really amazing things and this is evidence of it.”

Broers said that people see what’s in her heart by looking at her artwork.

“I hope people see the true side of me that people don’t always see, the vulnerable side that I maybe try not to show people,” Broers said. “I hope people can see what is in my heart and the things I love to create out on display.”