March 03, 2021

Greenfield council sets public hearing to consider plans for storm water channel stabilization at the sports complex

GREENFIELD — The Greenfield city council set in motion a project that will stabilize storm water runoff through a channel that travels through the Purdy Sports Complex on the north side of Greenfield last Tuesday during their regular meeting. The council will consider plans and specifications for the project March 16.

According to City Clerk Becky Haase, the notices were sent out requesting bidders last week after the council meeting. The project is expected to take up about $504,000 of an amount of $634,000 that was generated from the interest of revolving loans that were used for the wastewater treatment plant. These funds can only be used on water quality projects.

“Hopefully, since that storm water channel takes most of the water from the north part of town, hopefully by stabilizing that it will stop further erosion at the sports complex,” Haase said. “There is a concrete channel through a portion of that and water has been leaking through that. Hopefully that can be stabilized, won’t wash out and lead to bigger holes in landowner’s properties.”

Haase explained that, with the remainder of the funds, the city is working alongside the Adair Soil and Water Conservation District to develop a 28E agreement that could be started to provide help to landowners in a couple of watersheds near Lake Greenfield make improvements like terraces to their land, should they choose to do so. Lake Greenfield supplies Greenfield with drinking water.

In other city business, the council:

• Set another public hearing on the maximum levy rate for fiscal year 2022 for March 1.

• Set a public hearing for March 1 for updated sewer rates.

• Approved the liquor license for Dollar General

• Released the mortgage on 202 SE Jackson St., a participant in a previous housing rehabilitation grant program.