April 22, 2021

Appointments made, insurance for employees finalized by county board

GREENFIELD — Adair County employees have had their health, dental and vision insurance renewed because of a measure by the board of supervisors in their meeting Wednesday.

According to Mandy Berg, county auditor, a Wellmark Insurance renewal MSP addendum was passed by the board.

“This was just a measure stating we’re going to continue plans through Wellmark,” Berg explained.

In other county business, the board:

• Appointed Ron Lauer to be a Union County Township Trustee, filling a vacancy after Gene Thomas’ death.

• Appointed Jessi Christensen and Lori Miller to be Magistrate Appointing Commission members for six-year terms.

• Passed Homestead and Military Disallowances

• Heard annual budget requests, as part of the annual budgeting process, from Veterans Affairs director Duane Avey, county attorney Melissa Larson and conservation director Dominic Johnson.