January 26, 2021

‘The lesser of two evils is always an evil’

Once again the corrupt corporate entrenched duopoly of the tired major parties has given the American voter another “either-or” dubious choice. The inescapable fact still remains that the lesser of two evils is always an evil.

Sadly, no matter which side wins — and regardless of whatever margin — our deep polarization will not be abated but only intensified with an awful vengeance by the losing side feeling thoroughly cheated and without any recourse to justice.

I have always felt that having and utilizing more choices will actually enhance the power of the people. Given a strong third (or even a fourth or fifth) force within the government will drive a profound process toward compromise thereby achieving mutual benefit for all the people.

Until we vote outside of the two-party straight jacket we are condemned to suffer the misfortunes of our severe unrelenting and divisive partisanship. There are no real winners as we are all frustrated losers in the unceasing merry-go-round of our miserable political angst.

Fortunately there are other choices and far more diverse and well though out than that of the present blatherings of the major parties. We just have to vote outside of our clearly misguided comfort zone. We can push back the onslaught of the constant barrage of political ads and the outright distortions so prevalent in social media by choosing another path to diminish and resolve the confrontations facing our nation. Find that choice – seize that opportunity to regain our domestic tranquility and vote.

PS: This letter was not intended to endorse/forward a particular third party or candidate thereof but rather to remind voters that there is always another option available and a means to seek another path.