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Rich Paulsen - What’s Up

The farmers are hitting the fields in full force

It’s been a great week of weather for the farmers to be out in the fields. The combines look to be going full speed through the fields with yields seemingly being pretty good for both the soybeans and corn around the area. The dry weather over the last few weeks has dropped the level in many of the local ponds but should help the farmers in getting their crops out. Although the other day when the wind was 35 mph the corn stalks and dirt made for large dirt storm tornadoes coming out of the back end of the combines. It made it tough to see when it was coming across the road. Hopefully, the winds will be a little calmer for the rest of the harvest. Everyone stay safe out there and please watch for tractors and machinery out on the roads this time of year. Plus the deer that running from the combines and hunters!

Flu season

We are on the front end of the flu season. So now is the time to get those flu shots. No reason to take a chance of getting it this year with the C-19 pandemic complicating the situation. There are lots of venues around Creston where you can get the shot. Most insurances cover the cost of the shot.

Columbus Day

Next Monday is Columbus Day with many federal, state and county offices closed. At least a few people will get a day off.


Well, the NBA should be done after tonight. Hockey has presented the Stanley cup. Major League Baseball is in the playoffs headed for the World Series. College football has started for some and some like the BIG10 get started on October 23rd. The high school sports season has held up pretty well with just a few teams having to quit playing. Both the football and volleyball squads are midway through the season. The NFL looks like the C-19 bug is starting to catch up with them a little bit with one game postponed last week and a possibility of two more not going this weekend.

Hurricane Delta

The poor southern part of the USA sure has been pelted with hurricanes this year. In fact, we may set the record for number of hurricanes hitting the mainland if Delta comes ashore this week. Cancun was right in the path of the storm and the tourist city down in Mexico took a good hit. There is a good chance Delta may hit the gulf coast this next week.


You may have noticed the price of sugar has gone up lately. In fact the raw sugar price is up 47% in the last three months on the open market. Dry weather in the major growing regions of the sugar cane along with a virus that has infiltrated sugar beets has made for a tight market. Plus believe it or not the consumption of sugar is down over the last six months. With all the commercial bakeries and restaurants closed or limited in serving. The folks at home have not picked up the slack on eating sweets, which is probably a good thing for all of us.


I see the Regal corporation that runs theatres across the world is closing its theaters down — tough to get people to come out and watch movies from 40 years ago. Plus all the new movies have moved their opening dates to next year sometime. So now there is a huge surplus of popcorn since all the movie goers are stuck at home watching the small screen. The pandemic has made for interesting viewing with all the items that are way over stocked or way under stocked, like the run on canned pumpkin this last week. It’s tough to find a can to make your pumpkin bars with!

Thought for the week:

I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say. — Flannery O’Connor

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