August 04, 2021

Congress renews call for passage of new COVID-19 bill

Axne, seven other House Democrats send letter to Speaker Pelosi seeking action next week

WASHINGTON –  Rep. Cindy Axne led a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seeking legislative action on a revised COVID-19 relief package next week when members return to Washington.

“We write to you now to implore you to bring a revised and streamlined COVID-19 relief package to the floor next week. Americans are counting on us; they cannot wait any longer,” the members wrote.

“We are asking you to bring up a bill that demonstrates our commitment to meeting [the White House and Senate] in the middle, as we have expressed our willingness to do, and advance it through the House with the haste this crisis demands.”

The letter, highlighting the growing need for relief to help unemployed Americans, small businesses and those still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the waning effects of relief, passed through bipartisan efforts last spring and was signed by several representatives; Craig, Finkenauer, Lee, Loebsack, Pappas, San Nicolas and Wild.

"The returns of a one-time stimulus check of $1,200 are all but completely diminished – doing little at this point to stimulate the economy or ensure Americans can pay their bills," the members wrote.

The letter also acknowledges the state of the current stalemate in negotiations – including the Senate’s failure to demonstrate interest in a compromise package over recent weeks.