January 18, 2021

Write-in votes delay Lorimor election results

LORIMOR – Of 317 votes cast by 88 voters in the Lorimor City Council special election Tuesday, 129 were write-in votes.

Three vacancies for the five-member city council forced the special election, which then triggered the state election law that requires appointed council members to be placed on the next ballot. Voters saw two options to vote for no more than two candidates. Four total candidates will be voted in — two from each option.

Samantha Berch received 43 votes; Kendra Vander Martin received 38; and there were 83 write-ins for the first “fill vacancy” position, which has a one-year term.

Suzie Weibel, who has been serving as an appointee, received 37 votes; Jack Kilpatrick received 70 votes; and and there were 46 write-ins for the second “fill vacancy” position, which have a two-year term.

Union County Auditor Sandy Hysell said she was going through the write-ins today. Unofficial results are available at unioncountyiowa.org.