January 23, 2021

Wow...What a change of weather

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From many days of hot and humid to cold, damp and windy in one quick day. I see we also are setting some record low highs this week.

Tuesday the high was 52 degrees. The lowest temp on this date was 58 degrees back in 1885! Global warming strikes again! My friends out in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Colorado sent me pictures of the snow they have been getting over the last couple of days after having temps in the high 90’s. The other picture is from my friend in Oregon of the fires going on near where he lives in Eagle Point, Oregon. So I feel pretty good about our rain, cold and wind compared to what others are experiencing around the country.

Had to order some supplies the other day and the worker was taking the call from Jamaica. She was worried about the four hurricanes that were lined up out in the ocean as they may be coming toward her. Just goes to show the world is getting smaller and weather is much more volatile this year. Kind of part of the “Curse of C-19.” Nobody has seemed to have gotten a break this year on the weather or lots of other issues. Hopefully 2021 is more gracious to all of us. The world needs a little stress relief. Doesn’t look like the election gets all the credit for the misery we’ve had this year. Mother Nature is still in control.


Looks like there have been some good crowds for the high school football games so far this year. I think people are looking for activities to get out and let off a little steam. The Iowa State fans will have something to cheer for this weekend with the Cyclones having their first game of the season. Plus the NFL starts tonight with Kansas City taking on the Texans. The usual 90,000 Chiefs fans will not get to pack the stadium as usual with the pandemic still in control of crowd control. But at least we can watch some sports on Television.

Wells Fargo

I see that one of the first events back at Wells Fargo arena coming up is on the Sept. 19. They will use “pod” seating to put on the Professional Bull Riders event that evening. All the seats will be social distanced in order to have the event. I get the feeling this may be the pattern for most concerts going forward over the next year. All of these rescheduled concerts for next year will not be played to packed houses for obvious reasons. I still think we are a year away from heading back to some kind of “normal.”

Sept. 13

Grandparents Day is this Sunday. I see grandparents with their grand kids around town all the time. Seems like grandparents are more involved today then a number of years back. A lot of grandparents seem to be “Uber” grandparents taking the kids to whatever event or sport mom and dad don’t have time to attend. I don’t have any grand kids yet so I don’t have to worry about that duty, maybe someday. My job at the moment is work at being the “favorite uncle.” Happy grandparents day, celebrate by taking your favorite kids to DQ for some ice cream. Or maybe they will take you!

Thought for the week: Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. — Arthur Miller