September 20, 2021

Reynolds visits Greenfield

Governor Kim Reynolds stopped in Greenfield at the Corner Coffee and Antiques Wednesday as a part of her 99 county tour.

During the 20 minute stop, Reynolds answered questions from constituents.

Susan Olesen of Greenfield asked Reynolds why she was not allowing local school boards to determine if schools will be in-person or online. Reynolds replied that she is applying the law as it is written. When pressed by Olesen on schools that do not have enough square footage to adequately social distance, Reynolds said those schools would have to “sit down and work through the process.”

Owen Johnson of Des Moines, who works for Accenture, said the company is losing clients because they feel that Iowa is not taking COVID-19 seriously.

Reynolds offered to get a member of her administration in touch with him at a later date to discuss the problems.

When asked about the coming vaccine for COVID-19, Reynolds said although the vaccines are being approved more quickly than usual, the “same criteria” is being used for safety. She pointed to the fact that one of the two most promising vaccines has been held up due to concerns, although she did not have specific reasons for the delay.