January 25, 2021

Why put us to the curb?

After reading the Monday Aug. 2 newspaper about what went on in the bar in Adams Street, I think the council and city officials maybe should reconsider letting The Lobby put a fence seven feet out into the sidewalk for seating areas.

I don’t think our children need to see the drinking and smoking or hear the foul language that will probably be going on.

The sidewalk is about 15 and 1/2 feet to the curb and light poles and sign posts about two and 1/2 feet in from the curb. That would leave about six feet of walking area that would be out in the rain and would be very dangerous walking in winter weather. If you let The Lobby do this, some of the other businesses will want to do the same thing.

Mayor Gabe Carroll reminded the council that one of the recommendations from the downtown assessment was to have more outside seating. “It makes your uptown look more vibrant,” he said. I doubt if this is the type of seating they were thinking about.