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Letters to the Editor

Unmasking ‘lies’

Let’s unmask some lies.

The studies the CDC is using to recommend masks would never hold up in the scientific community. Why?

The White House took over COVID data for a reason. CDC disinformation?

Masks shouldn’t be used outside of a hospital setting. Frontline doctors and many others (real experts) across the world don’t recommend wearing masks. The hydroxychloroquine combo works as a cure and preventative; Fauci, etc. (Deep State) knows this.

The health risks of wearing a mask include but are not limited to: moisture retention (increased risk of infection), headaches, decreased oxygen (suppressing immunity, growth and spread of cancers), increased CO2 (depression, unconsciousness and fatalities), and decreased breathability (particularly concerning for the elderly and those with lung issues). They also increase the concentration of the virus in the lungs if someone is already infected.

OSHA and FDA state masks only block large particles (COVID is small) and don’t recommend masks.

“…Catching COVID-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is minimal.” New England Journal of Medicine

Masks are political and have negative psychological consequences for adults and children. I find they’re demonic in nature and equate power and control over us (political). Individuality gets eliminated. Totalitarianism? Think Jews, star, “good” German. Also, masks hide facial expressions, which make abductions/trafficking easier.

Do your own research (DuckDuckGo, not Google). Use critical thinking. Shut off the TV and ALWAYS question the narrative. Show the Deep State that you’re not a sheep. Don’t be a “good” German, and please, stop being blinded by their hate. Who all is DS? Why does the DS hate Trump?

Our family chooses to live by faith, not fear. We won’t be wearing masks for political, religious, safety, and health reasons. God bless!

Genesis 1:27, Romans 12:2, Psalm 23, John 3:16, 2 Corinthians 3:16-17, Matthew 11:25-30

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