January 23, 2021

A blast from the past

You know it is weird times when the box office winner this last week was a movie from 1993! The number one movie in the country last week was “Jurassic Park.” The number two movie in the country last week was “Jaws,” which was made in 1971. The majority of the movie theatres that were open were drive-in theatres. In fact most of the top ten grossing movie theatres were drive-in theatres last week, the biggest one being in Dearborn Michigan. There are a few “current” movies that are in the top ten, but they have already worn out their welcome so it is back to the classic standards of the industry. Even the “Sunday Night Movie” is back from the past. The past few Sundays you could see “Grease,” “Raiders of the Lost Arc,” “Titanic” and several others. You’d better get use to it.

I would guess that most of this fall’s TV shows are not going to make it back into production before the season starts. So reruns or some kind of animated features will be the rule going forward. Here in Creston at the Fridley theatre this weekend is “Raiders of the Lost Arc.” It should give kids a chance to see it on the “big screen.”

Iowa has the third most theatres running in the country right now with 47. Only Texas with 82 and Ohio with 56 have more. So go out and check into a movie; not everyone has a chance to do that right now. A nice cool theatre, good movie and a big tub of popcorn is always a treat.


People have been doing a good job of getting outdoors. The campgrounds in the area seemed to be packed. There are more people out fishing than I have seen in years. I get the feeling that with all the gardens that have been planted that we will see tons of product this August around town. I’m looking forward to good old Iowa corn on the cob. I would hope that we are only a couple of weeks away from the Iowa treat.

4th of July

It should be a rather interesting 4th of July this year with most of the festivities canceled. I think the closest fireworks show will be over in Osceola. There will be lots of virtual parades and runs. But the real thing will be in short supply. With the holiday on a Saturday, it will probably have more to do with plenty of BBQ’s with family or friends.

Taxes due

Don’t forget that your federal taxes are due on July 15th if you have not paid them yet. People have had the extra time to pay due to the C-19 event that has been taking place. I read where consumer credit is up over $14 trillion this last month. I’m not sure how we get out of all this.

There are lots of people not making rent, mortgage, car, student loan payments or credit card payments at this point. But someday all these will be due again. I’m worried that a number of folks, like a lot of businesses, will end up taking bankruptcy. I have a bad feeling that a lot of people may be in big trouble financially.

Unemployment rates

Union County this year in May 10.3%, last May 2.8%. Clarke County 10.2% this year, 2.6% last year. Adams County 7.1% this May, 1.7% last May. Ringgold this May 7.2%, last May 2.5%. Adair County this May 8.0%, last May 2.0%. The rate for the state of Iowa is currently 10% which is about three points below the US rate.

Thought for the week

Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind. — Henry James