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Rich Paulsen - What’s Up

The first day of summer is upon us

I’m never quite sure if the first day of summer is a time to rejoice or dread? It is the first day of summer, but the amount of daylight starts getting shorter each day from here on out. Seems like we have had some pretty “summery” weather already this spring. I think my farmer tan is already a lot better than last year. It could be a long summer with things like the swimming pools closed and celebrations like the Fourth of July cut or scaled back, plus all the other activities that have either been canceled or postponed. Hopefully the summer high school baseball and softball seasons go well.

Thank You

I want to say a big “Thank You” to everyone that contributed to the Food for Friends fund this past month. Over $11,000 was brought in to help the local food pantry and various organizations that help keep people fed in the area. Next week the “Super Snacker” hero from Iowa Select will be in town to help the local Creston Area Food Pantry put together the kids’ bags that are given out on Wednesdays. She will be bringing along some wonderful Pork Sticks to include in the bags.

4th of July

I was pretty disappointed that Creston is not doing fireworks this year. I understand that we may have Iowa’s biggest Scoop the Loop as part of the 4th festivities. Osceola will be having fireworks this year thanks to Osceola Foods donating $12,000 to put on a big show. My hope is that we have Balloon Days in September! I would think you could social distance pretty well in a hot air balloon!

Friday After Five

Last Friday was the first Friday After Five at the Elks Lodge. There was a great turnout for the music and refreshments. This Friday the name of the group is Bruce and Parks. Nothing like a little fresh air, good music and a refreshment on a Friday evening.

Sunday is Flag Day

Put your flag out this Sunday for Flag Day. In honor of the day, I run my outside lights in the Red, White and Blue mode.

Fathers’ Day

June 21st is Fathers’ Day. It great time to take dear old dad fishing or make him a nice burger on the grill. Families have been spending more time together since the start of the C-19 virus. That may be the one lone plus of this pandemic. So plan an outing and spend some time with “dear old dad.”

Where did everything go?

Walked into Walmart a week ago for the first time in a while. The big bike rack that usually has about 100 bikes in it was totally empty!

Next I went to look for a couple of fishing items. That department looked like the looters had made a pass through it! One of some of this and very little of that. Still plenty of worms if you need them. The meat department was next. Cruising by that was pretty scary with the amount of fresh meat not enough for a good sized picnic. Hit a couple of other local stores and several of their departments had the same problem. Looks like it will be a long summer for finding certain items. But there is now plenty of toilet paper!


If you wear a mask, please throw it away in a trash can! I now see them laying in the street, on the walking trail and in parking lots! Please dispose of them properly!


The cost of grocery shopping is getting to be a bigger bill every time I go to the store. Read an article that said the number of discounts that stores are giving is way down. Meat has taken about a two to three times jump in price. Hamburger three months ago was $1.99 a pound. Now you feel good if you can get it for $4.99 a pound. Steaks, pork and chicken have also sky rocketed. It may get worse before it gets better.

Also gas prices are on the upward trend. We never did get to see less than a dollar like a lot of places. Now they are going to be over two dollars before you know it.

Thought for the week:

That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach. Aldus Huxley

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