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Rich Paulsen - What’s Up

Now we can work on what the new normal will be!

Most of the main directives have been lifted here in the state of Iowa. Depending on where you live, there will be some kind of new normal. For some people, it’s doing the same thing as they did before the pandemic. For others it will bring about quite a change of pace or a new way of going through the day. Mask will be in vogue for most of June would be my guess. I still use plenty of sanitizer. I have it at home, in my car and at the office. Social distancing will still be a big part of helping to keep us safe. For people that are compromised, being cautious is still a good plan. Plexiglas will be in plain site at most businesses around town. It is good to see people moving back around the area. Just be as safe as you can while doing it. Someday this shall pass!


Next Tuesday is the Iowa primary. So if you haven’t voted by mail and need to get out and vote do so. There are several contested races both locally and state-wide.


Next Wednesday the Iowa State legislature goes back into session. It will be interesting to see the kind of estimates they come up with on what to do with the budget. I have read that most states may be down 15% or more due to all the lack of economy over the last three months. Less income tax, sales tax, casino revenue, gas or road tax and many other kinds of fees and taxes that won’t have been collected. Same thing will go for the city and counties. Look for big cutbacks in every budget whether it be city, county, school or state budget. I read a publication called “Education Week” and they seem to think that over 320,000 teachers will not have a job this fall! The property taxes in Iowa are already bad enough so I don’t see raising them a whole bunch as an answer. Time for the public sector to tighten their belts like the rest of us.

The Virus

It will make for many changes going forward. It has sped things up that would have happened in the next five to 10 years into one year. The amount of people that will work from home will now grow ten-fold. Delivery of products will also grow bigger and bigger. In order to make budgets, there will be a lot of consolidation of services. It will force public entities to start looking at how you can do more with fewer people. Maybe all the under-funded pensions will now start looking at 401K plans like the majority of businesses have had to do over the last 20 years. Zoom and several other online programs have made communicating with friends and family more fun over the last three months. Let’s just hope things get back to as normal as possible. I’m afraid the unemployment rate is going to stay in double digits for a while. Not a good thing for a lot of people.


I see that there is an auction this weekend for the first time in quite a while. Also you can see a movie in an actual theatre beginning Friday.

It would certainly help if all the cloudy skies and rain would take a break in the action for a few days. I’m sure that would make people feel a little better. Keep on smiling, we will all get through this. It may just take some time!

Thought for the week — There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little. Jackie French Koller

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