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Rich Paulsen - What’s Up

Don’t let the Virus get you down

Southwest Iowa is doing well in keeping the virus numbers down. Good job of social distancing and helping to make our area of the state one of the safest in the fight against C-19.

The other thing is keep your spirits up. This will pass at some point and a “new normal” will get to be second habit for most of us. I still remember the days where you didn’t have to take off your shoes to get through TSA and people could actually smoke on the plane. I get a kick out of all the different kinds of masks. It’s kind of like a style show everywhere you go! My biggest problem with it is that some people I can’t recognize with the mask over their face. Kind of looks like Susie, but oh it’s Jennifer ... sorry about that! Now I know why bank robbers wear them!

One more thing about those mask. I walk around town and I see those things in road just about everywhere I walk. So please dispose of those things in the proper place, please!


This Saturday is the graduation cruise in Creston. Saturday evening the 2020 Creston High School graduates will line West Adams Street to celebrate this year’s graduating class. You can cruise by and salute them or wish them well. The Scoop the Loop has carried through the pandemic as one of the good things we can do and still social distance. It won’t replace walking across the stage, but it should be a good time for the class of 2020.


Starting tomorrow you can get your hair cut again or have a nice massage. I’m guessing all the barber shops and hair salons are more than ready to get back to work. I know my wife’s nails are in need of repair. I don’t think she has ever gone this long without expert help to make them look wonderful.


There sure are a lot more people outdoors this year. The amount of fishermen, golfers and “planting people” is crazy this year. You can only watch so much TV before your body rebels. It seems like people are planting just about anything they can get their hands on right now. There will be plenty of garden flowers and produce this year. When you can’t go to a movie, concert, casino, bar or any of the other things we could do two months ago – plant something! It’s actually good exercise and something healthy you can do.

Nothing like a little of the great out doors to help you forget your C-19 thoughts! You will go crazy watching all those reports all day long. The president talks, the governors talk, the mayors talk and every virus talking head who has an idea on what to do about it talks. I’ve been talking to the fishes trying to get them to grab a line. Do you know, people are actually walking with their kids? What a new concept. Maybe something good will come out of this mess, like more family time!

Thank you

To everyone that has contributed to the “Food for Friends” program. Thank you. So far almost $9,000 has been contributed to help out the local food pantry. We will take contributions until the end of this month. The generosity of the Southwest Iowa folks is terrific to see. We have a great sense of community in our part of the world. Thanks for caring about others.

Thought for the week

“Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” - Henry James

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