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Middle school wrestling update

Jan. 23 meet

The Creston/O-M middle school wrestling team competed Jan. 23 in its fourth meet of the season at Burton R. Jones gym in Creston along with East Union, East Mills, Shenandoah, Red Oak and Treynor.

As a team, the Panthers finished with 49 wins and 11 losses on the night, with 25 different Creston/O-M wrestlers earning at least one victory. The Panthers had 33 wins by fall while sustaining only five losses by fall.

Creston/O-M results:

Christian Ahrens (C/O-M) pinned Jameson Drake (T); Sheldon Vandenberg (EM) pinned Landon Lovely (C/O-M); Tristan Evans (C/O-M) pinned Davin Holste (S); Jameson Drake (T) pinned Tristan Evans (C/O-M); Will Stuart (C/O-M) pinned Quenten LeMay (T); Will Stuart (C/O-M) pinned Grayson Dukes (EU); Cole Scamman (S) dec. Stephen Sistad (C/O-M); Davin Holste (*S) dec. Stephen Sistad (C/O-M); Jessie Miller (C/O-M) dec. Tyson McCain (T); Jessie Miller (C/O-M) dec. Cole Scamman (S); Jessie Miller (C/O-M) major dec. Jameson Drake (T); Jack Walter (C/O-M) pinned Kyler Sandholm (RO); Jack Walter (C/O-M) dec. Cole Scamman (S); Brody Cullin (S) pinned Jack Walter (C/O-M); Jarret Miller (C/O-M) dec. Kyler Sandholm (RO); Jarret Miller (C/O-M) pinned Jamison Larsen (T); Brody Cullin (S) dec. Jarret Miller (C/O-M); Lincoln Keeler (C/O-M) pinned Jamison Larsen (T); Lincoln Keeler (C/O-M) pinned Brody Cullin (S); Lincoln Keeler (C/O-M) dec. Kyler Sandholm (RO).

Boone Pryor (C/O-M) pinned Nolan Perrien (RO); Boone Pryor (C/O-M) pinned Alex Mass (T); Luke Travis (C/O-M) pinned Trevor Fry (EU); Luke Travis (C/O-M) pinned Nolan Perrien (RO); Carson Rieck (C/O-M) pinned Luke Matthews (T); Carson Rieck (C/O-M) pinned Gavyne Hansen (EU); Carson Rieck (C/O-M) tech fall Brady Phelps (T); Austin Evans (C/O-M) dec. Danny Kinsella (T); Austin Evans (C/O-M) tech fall Dakota Minor (RO); Brandon Briley (C/O-M) pinned Dakota Minor (RO); Danny Kinsella (T) dec. Brandon Briley (C/O-M); Weston Trapp (C/O-M) pinned Coen Eblen (T); Weston Trapp (C/O-M) pinned Brock Poland (T); Weston Trapp (C/O-M) major dec. Hunter Dukes (S); Gavin Evans (C/O-M) pinned Tyler Myers (RO); Gavin Evans (C/O-M) dec. Josh Lopez (EU); Brennan Hayes (C/O-M) pinned Adam Baier (RO); Danny Kinsella (T) dec. Brennan Hayes (C/O-M); Will Bolinger (C/O-M) dec. Jack Gordan (EM); Will Bolinger (C/O-M) dec. Bradley Heikes (T).

Jay Haley (C/O-M) pinned Fisher Buffington (EU); Adam Baier (RO) dec. Jay Haley (C/O-M); Max Skellenger (C/O-M) pinned Emerson Vanhoose (RO); Colton McKnight (EU) pinned ax Skellenger (C/O-M); Caleb Cooper (T) pinned Max Skellenger (C/O-M); Talon Bolinger (C/O-M) pinned Landon Gigstad (RO); Talon Bolinger (C/O-M) pinned Lowel Knott (T); Jagger Luther (C/O-M) pinned Holden Minahan (T); Jagger Luther (C/O-M) pinned Levi Young (T); Jagger Luther (C/O-M) pinned Quiten Fuller (C/O-M) pinned Joey Bittner (T); Max Chapman (C/O-M) pinned Ayden Strange (S); Max Chapman (C/O-M) dec. Holden Minahan (T); Max Chapman (C/O-M) pinned Joey Bittner (T); Jackson Kerr (C/O-M) dec. Jacob Rystrom (S); Jackson Kerr (C/O-M)dec. Joey Bittner (T); Savannah Sistad (C/O-M)pinned Lowell Knott (T); Savannah Sistad (C/O-M) pinned Ayden Strange (S); Savannah Sistad (C/O-M) pinned Jacob Rystrom (S); Wyatt Barber (C/O-M) dec. Ethan Webster (S); Wyatt Barber (C/O-M) pinned Payton Echternach (RO).

Jan. 28 meet

The Creston/O-M middle school wrestling team hosted a meet Jan. 28 at the Burton R. Jones gym along with Atlantic/CAM, Bedford/Lenox, Central Decatur, East Union and Red Oak.

As a team, the Panthers finished with 42 victories and 11 losses, with 25 different team members securing at least one win. The Panthers had 25 wins and six losses by fall.

Creston/O-M results:

Tristan Evans (C/O-M) pinned Keegan Kemp (A), 1:57; Landon Lovely (C/O-M) pinned Lane Mason (B/L), :37; Landon Lovely (C/O-M) pinned Chase Smith (CD), :28; Stephen Sistad pinned Lane Mason (B/L), :45; Aiden Smith (A) pinned Stephen Sistad (C/O-M), 3:32; Jessie Miller (C/O-M) major dec. Wyatt Hamaker (CD), 15-7; Jessie MIller (C/O-M) dec. Kyler Sandholm (RO), 9-4; Will Stuart (C/O-M) pinned Zander Peiken (A), :37; Joshua LeRette (RO) dec. Will Stuart (C/O-M), 10-5; Graham Godsey (B/L) pinned Will Stuart (C/O-M), 2:39; Lincoln Keeler (C/O-M) major dec. Owen Grundman (B/L), 12-0; Lincoln Keeler (C/O-M), major dec. Cord Hamilton (CD), 13-1; Jarret Miller (C/O-M) pinned Cord Hamilton (CD), 1:01; Jarret Miller (C/O-M) dec. Tristan Becker (A), 4-0; Jarret Miller (C/O-M) pinned Wyatt Hamaker (CD), 1:00; Jack Walter (C/O-M) pinned Wyatt Hamaker (CD), 1:19; Chase England (B/L) pinned Jack Walter (C/O-M); Brice Hull (C/O-M) dec. Joaquin Walles (A), 4-2; Brice Hull (C/O-M) pinned Micah Johnson, 1:23.

Austin Evans (C/O-M) pinned Dalton Kitzman (B/L), 1:57; Austin Evans (C/O-M) pinned Jaxon Terry (RO), :39; Brandon Briley (C/O-M) dec. Dalton Kitzman (B/L), 4-2; Brandon Briley (C/O-M) dec. Jaxon Terry (RO), 8-5; Carson Rieck (C/O-M) pinned Lane Leeper (CD), 3:00; Carson Rieck (C/O-M) dec. Owen Grundman (B/L), 6-0; Caden Mann (B/L) dec. Carson Rieck (C/O-M), 2-0; Boone Pryor (C/O-M) pinned Micah Johnson (B/L), 1:56; Boone Pryor (C/O-M) pinned Kegan Croghan (A), 1:05; Will Bolinger (C/O-M) dec. Adam Baier (RO), 3-0; Adam Baier (RO) pinned Jay Haley (C/O-M), 1:57; Owen Hoover (A) dec. Jay Haley (C/O-M), 2-0; Luke Travis (C/O-M )major dec. Garrison Motsinger (B/L), 12-4; Tyson O’Brien (A) major dec. Luke Travis (C/O-M), 8-0; Max Skellenger (C/O-M) pinned Cameron Long (B/L), :11; Terrian Islas (EU) pinned Max Skellenger (C/O-M), 2:46; Weston Trapp (C/O-M) pinned Marcus Knighton (B/L), :50; Weston Trapp (C/O-M) pinned Tyler Myers (RO), 1:31; Weston Trapp (C/O-M) pinned Fisher Buffington (EU), 1:34.

Evy Marlin (C/O-M)pinned Hunter Blackford (B/L), 1:26; Colton McKnight (EU) pinned Evy Marlin (C/O-M), :51; Gavin Evans (C/O-M) dec. Owen Hoover (A), 4-2 SV; Adam Baier (RO) dec. Gavin Evans (C/O-M), 6-4; Brennan Hayes (C/O-M) dec. Owen Hoover (A), 7-1; Brennan Hayes (C/O-M) pinned Dalton Kitzman (B/L), :48; Jagger Luther (C/O-M) dec. Evan Sorenson (A), 7-6; Max Chapman (C/O-M) dec. Evan Sorenson (A), 4-0; Talon Bolinger (C/O-M) pinned Kayden Crall (A), 1:24; Talon Bolinger (C/O-M) pinned Landon Gigstad (RO), :35; Savannah Sistad (C/O-M) pinned Landon Gigstad (RO), 1:33; Evan Sorenson (A) pinned Jackson Kerr (C/O-M), :15; Wyatt Barber (C/O-M) pinned Ryan Boswell (CD), 1:29.

Feb. 3 meet

HARLAN — The Creston/O-M middle school wrestling team competed at Harlan on Feb. 3 along with Glenwood. The Panthers finished with 44 wins and 18 losses, with 23 different wrestlers picking up at least one victory.

The Panthers had 28 wins by fall and eight losses by fall.

Creston/O-M results:

Christian Ahrens (C/O-M) tech fall Taven Hussing (H); Christian Ahrens (C/O-M) major dec. Briten Maxwell (G), 11-0; Landon Lovely (C/O-M) pinned Andrew Miller (H); Landon Lovely (C/O-M) pinned Taven Hussing (H); Tristan Evans (C/O-M) pinned Andrew Miller (H); Jesse Jens (H) pinned Tristan Evans (C/O-M); Shane Noeth (H) dec. Tristan Evans (C/O-M), 4-2; Stephen Sistad (C/O-M) dec. Kegan Stephens (H), 5-3; Shane Noeth (H) dec. Stephen Sistad (C/O-M), 6-2; Kelly Barrett (G) dec. Stephen Sistad (C/O-M), 9-6; Jack Walter (C/O-M) pinned Briten Maxwell (G); Jack Walter (C/O-M) pinned Keegan Stephens (H); Brody McKinely (H) injury default over Jack Walter (C/O-M); Jessie Miller (C/O-M) dec. Keegan Stephens (H), 11-4; Jessie Miller (C/O-M) pinned Jens (H); Jessie Miller (C/O-M) pinned Kelly Barrett (G); Brody McKinely (H) dec. Jarret Miller (C/O-M), 9-3; Reese Fauble (G) injury default over Jarret Miller (C/O-M); Lincoln Keeler (C/O-M) dec. Brody McKinely (H), 4-3; Lincoln Keeler (C/O-M) dec. Briten Maxwell (G), 8-1; Will Stuart (C/O-M) major dec. Aleric Schoonover (H), 12-0; Shane Noeth (H) pinned Will Stuart (C/O-M).

Tanner Kliegh (C/O-M) pinned Aleric Schoonover (H); Tanner Kliegh (C/O-M) pinned Thomas Kurtz (H); Brandon Briley (C/O-M) tech fall Jace Hartley (G), 18-2; Reese Fauble (G) dec. Brandon Briley (C/O-M), 2-0; Brice Hull (C/O-M) pinned Keegan McDaniel (H); John Schechinger (H) pinned Brice Hull (C/O-M); Brice Hull (C/O-M) pinned Thomas Kurtz (H); Carson Rieck (C/O-M) pinned John Schechinger (H); Carson Rieck (C/O-M) dec. Bryce VanBaale (H), 6-0; Austin Evans (C/O-M) tech fall Christian Eisman (G); Austin Evans (C/O-M) tech fall Reese Fauble (G); Brennan Hayes (C/O-M) pinned Carson Reining (H); Brennan Hayes (C/O-M) pinned Christian Eisman (G); Boone Pryor (C/O-M) dec. Bryce VanBaale (H), 7-6; Boone Pryor (C/O-M) dec. Bryce VanBaale (H), 8-2; Weston Trapp (C/O-M) pinned Lucas Francis (H); Weston Trapp (C/O-M) pinned Jim Evans (H); Weston Trapp (C/O-M) pinned Edwin Mages (H); Gavin Evans (C/O-M) pinned Edwin Mages (H); Gavin Evans (C/O-M) pinned Lucas Francis (H); Gavin Evans (C/O-M) pinned Jacob Brouse (H).

Jay Haley (C/O-M) pinned Stephen Fah (H); Jay Haley (C/O-M) pinned Tyler Jacobsen (H); Will Bolinger (C/O-M) tech fall Tyler Jacobson (H); Will Bolinger (C/O-M) dec. Noah Schmitz (H), 6-0; Will Bolinger (C/O-M) pinned Stephan Fah (H); Jagger Luther (C/O-M) pinned Matthew Sorfonden (H); Jagger Luther (C/O-M) pinned Alex Heithoff (H); Max Chapman (C/O-M) pinned Matthew Sorfonden (H); Max Chapman (C/O-M) pinned Trent Patton (G); Quiten Fuller (C/O-M) pinned Austin Spray (H); Trent Patton (G) pinned Quiten Fuller (C/O-M); Tadin Kidnt (G) pinned Quiten Fuller (C/O-M); Trent Patton (*G) pinned Savannah Sistad (C/O-M); Austin Spray (H) pinned Jackson Kerr (C/O-M); Tadin Kidnt (G) pinned Jackson Kerr (C/O-M); Alex Heithoff (H) dec. Jackson Kerr (C/O-M), 4-2 SV; Wyatt Barber (C/O-M) dec. Tadin Kidnt (G), 6-0.

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