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Argus Hamilton

‘Good people skills’

BEVERLY HILLS — God bless America, and how’s everybody?

President Trump sent the vice president to Turkey to attempt to force a cease fire between the invading Turks and Kurdish fighters in Northern Syria. He did it. Mike Pence did such a great job of getting the Turks and the Kurds to stop shooting at each other, I think he’s ready for Chicago.

Turkey delayed their war with the Kurds in Northern Syria for four days after U.S. intervention Thursday. Both the Turks and the Kurds were desperate to have Trump on their side. At one point you couldn’t tell if the both armies were digging trenches or looking for dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden’s campaign got bad news Thursday when he fell behind Liz Warren in the latest polls. He’s dogged by revelations of his son’s foreign business deals while he was VP. Hunter Biden will soon be publishing a memoir of his business career, it’s called Things My Father Got Me.

NPR reports two businessmen charged with conspiring with two associates of Rudy Giuliani to launder foreign money into the GOP pleaded not guilty in federal court Thursday. That’s crazy. Giuliani has become so embarrassing you’d think he’s on Meghan Markle’s white side of the family.

President Trump crushed a rally in Dallas Thursday to 20,000 Texans. He pulled off one feat with the audience that amazed me. Any guy who can call off the names of defenders of the Alamo and have Hispanics on their feet cheering has, what we call in Los Angeles, good people skills.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was endorsed for re-election Thursday by former U.S. president Barack Obama. The Canadian leader has had a lot of embarrassing publicity this year. Justin ignited a storm of controversy in August when he showed up at the G-20 Summit in white-face.

Nancy Pelosi blew up at President Trump in a White House meeting Wednesday and stormed out of the room. They each claim that the other’s one is crazy. Trump and Pelosi both claim that they’re for family values, but their fighting is the best endorsement ever for single-parent households.

President Trump announced Thursday that the G-7 summit will be held at his Trump Doral resort in Miami. Its alleged bedbug infestation made news earlier this year. The world leaders wanted to stay in lodgings with a little better reputation, but the Bates Motel was already booked up.

President Trump caused his critics to howl Thursday by announcing the U.S. will host the next G-7 meeting at his Trump Doral Resort in Florida next July. Why not, they are just politicians. Florida is swarmed by mosquitoes at that time of year, what’s seven more blood-suckers at this point?

Elizabeth Warren evaded questions after the debate whether if she’ll raise middle class taxes to pay for her Medicare for All proposal. An independent auditor warned Liz’s plan would confiscate so much wealth that everyone might pack up and leave the country. She might be an Indian after all.

The Miami Herald reported that drug use, STD rates and crime is on the rise in senior living centers in Florida. Last week a 94-year-old Florida man killed his wife in a failed murder suicide attempt. Why is it with a failed murder-suicide, it’s always the suicide part that goes wrong?

Steve Wynn was told he may lose his casino license if found liable for sex harassment. This is Vegas, where cocktail waitresses hook on the side, bar backs deal cocaine and gambling junkies put their paychecks on Red 23. Tolerating sexual harassment could make the entire industry look bad.

Men’s Health study said jogging is the best exercise for Baby Boomers to maintain good heart health. Every day I run eight miles, but the last five are spent looking for my house. It wasn’t too encouraging the other day when a cop asked me if I was running around to save on funeral expenses.

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