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Celebrating 10 years

Gabe Carroll saw opportunity in small town living, so he returned. A decade later, the decision is paying off.

Gabe and Linda Carroll invite the pubic to celebrate Carroll Family Chiropractic's 10th anniversary 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m Friday at its new building, 203 W. Adams St.
Gabe and Linda Carroll invite the pubic to celebrate Carroll Family Chiropractic's 10th anniversary 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m Friday at its new building, 203 W. Adams St.

Carroll Family Chiropractic is celebrating its 10th year in Creston.

Gabe Carroll, who grew up in Creston, said when it came time to open his own practice, he came back to live and work in a place with family, friends and small town values.

“The built-in network of a small town made starting a small business easier, the lower cost of living was important, and having family around was a big factor in the move,” he said.

His wife and business partner, Linda, is from Jackson, Michigan, but she felt that a smaller town such as Creston would be a good place to raise their children, Nathan, now 10, and twins Opal and Ruby, 6.

Both Carrolls are licensed chiropractors; Linda does acupuncture; and Gabe provides deep-tissue, problem-focused massage. They have recently expanded their repertoires to include cupping.

Their business also includes rooms for two massage therapists, a nurse health coach, an aesthetician and a permanent make-up artist.

West Adams Street

Just over a year ago, The Carroll’s moved their business to Adams Street because it had outgrown the space on Pine. Gabe said it started out with the front of the building on Pine Street, expanded to the whole length of the building and then used all of the rooms.

Four years of construction are beginning to pay off for the practice.

Moving to the new building gave the practice more than space. It also allowed the Carrolls to design a floor plan that would fit the way they do business. Lisa Miller, receptionist, said her office placement is much better

“My office used to be right next to a treatment room, so I couldn’t talk when I was in my office,” she said.

The Carrolls said the new building has a better layout for patient flow, and the break room is now upstairs where the smells of lunch won’t bother the patients.

Gabe said they have also been able to add a gym to teach patients safer and more efficient techniques for weight lifting and exercise.

Most importantly, their new location has improved the visibility of the practice, giving them more walk-by and drive-by traffic.

“Patients say, ‘I was just going to A&G, and my back hurt,’” said Gabe. “From April to April, we’re up about 20% on our patient visits compared to last year. We expect that to be closer to 25 or maybe 30% by the time we get through June.”

Care provided

Chiropractic care, along with the other therapies they provide, can help patients with aching backs, necks and other joints. Often a combination of therapies are needed for full relief from pain.

“If your back hurts you should come here,” Linda said.”We’ve tried different advertising angles and different ways of explaining things, but really it’s just very simple, if your neck hurts or back hurts you should probably go to a chiropractor.”

Massage, acupuncture and seeing a health coach can help patients manage stress.

Linda said the health coach gives nutritional advice, lifestyle advice and stress management, things that can help patients avoid the need for chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Gabe also said a chiropractor can be a gateway to other medical services. After a consultation, a chiropractor can tell if the therapies they provide will help or refer patients to the right doctor for their needs. Gabe said an initial visit with a chiropractor is often more affordable than a doctor visit.

‘Office mom’

Miller said when she began working for the Carroll’s nine years ago, she was ready for back surgery. Through a combination of chiropractic care, massage and acupuncture, she hasn’t needed any surgery and no longer even takes pain medicine for her back.

Miller said acupuncture doesn’t hurt. It uses a tiny pliable needle that barely sticks in your skin with a little tap.

“I always say if you feel it, that must be the one you needed,” said Miller.

Along with her office duties, Miller often helps the Carrolls by picking up their children from various activities and making phone calls for the many charities and boards they belong to.

Miller said this works well for her because they have also allowed her to work with St. Malachy and the booster clubs she’s been involved with.

Community involvement

Along with their busy practice and three children, the Carrolls are involved with a number of organizations and charities.

Linda is the recording secretary for the local PEO Sorority, the chair of the Union County Board of Health and an off-ice official for the Iowa Wild, taking stats and manning the penalty box once a twice a month.

Gabe’s service includes, but is not limited to Creston City Council, the Parks and Rec board, Union County Health Coalition and the Elks Clowns.

As the Carrolls partner with others within the community, they said they are excited for all of the progress taking place in Creston.

“We encourage people to get involved with local groups and clubs,” said Linda. “If you see something that you think needs fixing, jump on it. It’s easy to do in a small town.”

Open house invitation

The Carrolls invite the public to celebrate their 10th year of practicing in Creston. Patients, family and friends can stop by from 11:30 to 1:30 Friday for a snack and to chat with them at their new location 203 W. Adams St.

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