October 01, 2022

To GRMC Board of Directors and Creston community

From Rosemary Osmun


I am writing this letter in response to Cassie Wilmeth’s letter regarding GRMC’s union contract negotiations and the board’s/administration’s plan to eliminate longevity pay.

I thank the good Lord the Greater Regional Emergency Room was staffed by EMTs and other medical professionals who had years of experience dealing with medical emergencies the night of April 3, when I spent six hours being stabilized and treated for a brain aneurysm until Life Flight was released to fly that windy night. If administration had personally staffed the ER, the conversation might have been: “Well, the book says we have to do 1. 2. and 3. And we have done and documented those things, so we are protected in a lawsuit.”

On April 3, the life these experienced medical professionals saved was mine. The NEXT time the patient could be your spouse, child, grandchild or parent, or it could be YOU!! Are you willing to risk that the ER staff will not have the experience to keep trying when the first thing doesn’t stabilize the patient? Or will you say, “Well, we called for Life Flight to transport and they are grounded, so there is nothing more we can do.” I’m thankful I didn’t have to settle for that!

The taxpayers who fund this hospital do not have to settle for this either. If the administration feels the budget won’t cover the benefits needed to keep dedicated staff, maybe they should rethink the plan to expand into three adjoining counties.

Don’t even get me started on that plan – I am supposed to be avoiding STRESS!!!