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Area softball season leaders

Saige Rice eyes a pitch against Clarinda earlier this season. Rice finished her senior campaign with the third highest RBI total in the News Advertiser coverage area, finishing with 31 runs batted in.
Saige Rice eyes a pitch against Clarinda earlier this season. Rice finished her senior campaign with the third highest RBI total in the News Advertiser coverage area, finishing with 31 runs batted in.

The area season leaders as of July 17 for the 2019 high school softball season. Teams included in area stats leaders are: Creston, East Union, Diagonal, Lenox, Mount Ayr, Murray, Nodaway Valley, Orient-Macksburg and Southwest Valley.


Batting average – Bre Klein, Murray, .555; Peyton Rice, Creston, .450; Sara Keeler, Creston, .449; Alexa Anderson, Mount Ayr, .429; Taylor Lumbard, Diagonal. .429; Kayla Wookey, Murray, .404; Sam Stewart, Mount Ayr, .387; Kelli Romero, Murray, .395; Kaela Eslinger, Orient-Macksburg, .392; Gracie Hagle, Creston, .391; Hailey Chew, Murray, .385.

On-base percentage – Bre Klein, Murray, .621; Kaela Eslinger, Orient-Macksburg, .566; Peyton Rice, Creston, .504; Sara Keeler, Creston, .504;Reagan Weinheimer, Nodaway Valley, .478; Caroline McAlexander, Mount Ayr, .469; Neveah Randall, Creston .453; Sam Stewart, Mount Ayr, .453; Cassidy Nelson, Lenox. .449; Taylor Lumbard, Diagonal, .448.

Slugging percentage – Bre Klein, Murray, 1.027; Alexa Anderson, Mount Ayr, .671; Caroline McAlexander, Mount Ayt, .662, Sara Keeler, Creston, .644; Sam Stewart, Mount Ayr, .613; Kelli Romero, Murray, .581; Gracie Hagle, Creston, .573; Taylor Lumbad, Diagonal, .571; Neveah Randall, Creston, .562; Channler Henle, Mount Ayr, .559.

Runs scored – Kelli Romero, Murray, 37; Peyton Rice, Creston, 37; Sara Keeler, Creston, 35; Saige Rice, Creston, 35; Sam Stewart, Mount Ayr, 34; Bre Klein, Murray, 31; Bailey Frederick, Murray, 30; Addy Reynolds, Mount Ayr, 29; Hailey Chew, Murray, 28; Alexa Anderson, Mount Ayr, 25.

Home runs – Bre Klein, Murray, 13; Gracie Hagle, Creston, 5; Alexa Anderson, Mount Ayr, 5; Caroline McAlexander, Mount Ayr, 5; Saige Rice, Creston, 4; Kaela Eslinger, Orient-Macksburg 3; Neveah Randall, Creston 3; Alyssa Davis, Nodaway Valley, 3; Addy Reynolds, Mount Ayr, 2; Sammi Long, Orient-Macksburg, 2; Teryn Shields, Murray, 2, Sam Dunhpy, Creston 2; Kaylin Lack, East Union, 2.

Doubles – Sara Keeler, Creston, 18; Kelli Romero, Murray, 14; Bre Klein, Murray, 13; Kayla Wookey, Murray, 10; Caitlyn Gist, Orient-Macksburg, 10; Kaela Eslinger, Orient-Macksburg, 10; Saige Rice, Creston, 9; Caroline McAlexander, Mount Ayr, 9; Channler Henle, Mount Ayr, 8; Bailey Frederick, Murray, 8.

Runs batted in (RBI) – Bre Klein, Murray, 41; Gracie Hagle, Creston, 32; Saige Rice, Creston, 31; Alyssa Davis, Nodaway Valley, 29; Kelli Romero, Murray, 27; Bailey Frederick, Murray, 27; Neveah Randall, Creston, 25; Kendra Boles, Murray, 24; Alexa Anderson, Mount Ayr, 24; Alexa Anderson, Mount Ayr, 24; Caitlyn Gist, Orient-Macksburg, 23; Kayla Wookey, Murray, 23; Sara Keeler, Creston, 23.

Stolen bases – Reagan Weinheimer, Nodaway Valley, 31; Kaela Eslinger, Orient-Macksburg, 21; Sam Stewart, Mount Ayr, 18; Addy Reynolds, Mount Ayr, 17; Morgan Parrish, Lenox, 17; Peyton Rice, Creston, 15; Norah Lund, Southwest Valley, 15; Neveah Randall, Creston 13; TJ Stoaks, Lenox, 13; Hailey Chew, Murray, 13; Cassidy Nelson, Lenox, 12; Brookyln Ecklin, Lenox, 12.


Earned run average – Caroline McAlexander, Mount Ayr, 1.02; Bre Klein, Murray, 1.13; TJ Stoaks, Lenox, 1.17; Kayla Wookey, Murray, 2.16; Mallory Raney, East Union, 3.85; Kaela Eslinger, Orient-Macksburg, 3.95; Keely Coen, Creston, 4.61; Natalie Yonker, Nodaway Valley, 4.81; Whitney Lamb, Nodaway Valley, 6.06; Haylee Gillam, Creston, 6.67.

Innings pitched – TJ Stoaks, Lenox 203; Kaela Eslinger, Orient-Macksburg, 170; Emily Newton, Diagonal, 146; Mallory Raney, East Union, 136 1/3; Caroline McAlexander, Mount Ayr, 123 2/3; Bre Klein, Murray, 111 1/3; Natalie Yonker, Nodaway Valley, 91; Kayla Wookey, Murray, 90 2/3; Whitney Lamb, Nodaway Valley, 89; Keely Coen, Creston, 76.

Strikeouts – TJ Stoaks, Lenox, 279; Bre Klein, Murray, 198; Kayla Wookey, Murray 154; Mallory Raney, East Union, 137; Kaela Eslinger, Orient-Macksburg, 128; Caroline McAlexander, Mount Ayr, 121; Emily Newton, Diagonal, 63; Whitney Lamb, Nodaway Valley 52; Natalie Yonker, Nodaway Valley 38.

Opponents batting average – Caroline McAlexander, Mount Ayr, .146; Bre Klein, Murray, .147; TJ Stoaks, Lenox, .157; Kayla Wookey, Murray, .158; Kaela Eslinger, Orient-Macksburg, .227; Mallory Raney, East Union, .278; Natalie Yonker, Nodaway Valley, .284; Keely Coen, Creston, .320; Whitney Lamb, Nodaway Valley, .322; Haylee Gillam, Creston, .359.

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