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At least it’s beginning to feel like spring

It was a long winter this year, but at least we are starting to get some semblance of Spring. The grass is turning green and all the plants are starting to bud out. I was at a conference this past weekend and several folks in our group got their flights delayed by a day or two due to the weather back in the Chicago area. Mother Nature has been a little hard to figure out this past year. Let’s hope things get back to “normal” sometime soon, whatever that is!


I flew in and out of Omaha, Nebraska, for my conference. The view from the plane above the Missouri and Platte Rivers made for some sad pictures.

The water in the Missouri River is still way out of its banks. Some areas of the river have water for about a mile in each direction from the main channel of the river. The Platte River has deposited sand along many fields all the way out to central Nebraska. If you can see that much sand at 30,000 feet, it must be pretty thick on the ground. My understanding is that some of it is two or three feet thick in some fields. The far end of Epply Field has a bunch of standing water right near where the plane came down to land. At least I was lucky enough not have my plane delayed.


My conference was out in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is now home to plenty of marijuana products. I went to a local ABC store to buy some soda a couple of times and the line at the cannabis counter was always populated by folks looking to buy Canabidiol. The popular “health aid” was being purchased over and over and over by folks. The stuff is not cheap. It looked to be going for around $110 for 500 milligrams. You could also get it in patch form, balm, creams, edibles and bottles of oil. It is claimed to help people out with all kinds of aches, pains or any other kind of ailment that bothers you. Looks like they are doing a banner business on the medical side of marijuana.

The Mob

I had a chance to have a guided tour of the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. Kind of interesting seeing how Las Vegas grew up with the Mob seemingly involved the whole way through. I wasn’t aware that date labels on food came about due to the Las Vegas mob selling “outdated” food to many vendors. The “old” food made them a lot of money, but not many friends! The museum also has its own still to make whiskey they sell at their own speakeasy in the basement of the building. If you ever get the chance, go tour the venue. It has a lot of interesting information that you probably didn’t know. 


I drove past the new football stadium that is being built in Las Vegas. The new home of the Raiders will cost $1.8 billion. It will hold 65,000 fans with an additional 12,000 seats on the field for concerts. The town seems pretty charged up about getting a team. The stadium will open up Aug. 1, 2020. It’ll be interesting to see an NFL team in Las Vegas. I would guess the stadium will be sold out almost every weekend.


Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is creeping up on us. Sunday, May 12, is the day to plan for doing something special with your favorite mom.

Never too early to start shopping!

Thought for the week

“If you want to change the way people respond to you, change the way you respond to people.” – Timothy Leary

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