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5 minutes with Justin Cole, Financial advisor with Edward Jones

AGE: 32


FAMILY: Been married to my wife for almost 10 years. We have a 2 1/2-year-old little boy named Griffyn. My wife’s name is Chanelle and she is pregnant with our second boy.

EDUCATION: I attended Southwestern for junior college and then I stuck around for two more years and did Buena Vista through Southwestern to get my bachelor’s degree.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN CRESTON? Been with Edward Jones since October 2017. Been in Creston since February of this year.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT CRESTON SO FAR? The biggest thing I found is it’s still a small town, just more people there. Everybody treats me just like they would in the small town that’s known me my whole life. That’s the thing I like most.

FAVORITE MOVIE: The James Bond series. Any of them. The originals all the way up to the current ones.

IF YOU COULD ONLY EAT ONE MEAL THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Probably steak. If I only had one thing I could ever eat, I’m just gonna go steak meal.

IF I WASN’T A FINANCIAL ADVISOR, I’D BE: I spent eight years in social work. I was a counselor for three years, I supervised counselors for another five and been in administration. If I wasn’t a financial advisor, I’d go back to what I know and that would be working with intellectually disabled people. My wife does it. We did it together before I came here.

HOBBIES: Motorcycles and my Polaris Slingshot. I still have a motorcycle, but the Slingshot, for the past two years, has been the thing to do. We take it on day trips around Iowa. We like spending time at the lake.

FAVORITE VACATION: It has to be Branson. I've been to Branson every year since the year I was born. I’ve never not went to Branson. The year we got married was the year we almost didn’t make it to Branson. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and my wife and I both wanted to go to Branson, so the month after our honeymoon we went to Branson to make sure we never missed it. I’ve been to Branson every holiday, every month, every season.

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