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Letters to the Editor

Use that ‘write-in’ space on your ballot

From Alexander Pikelis


We now approach the final frenzy and fury of the current election cycle only to find ourselves at a loss choosing viable, reasonable candidates. Being steadily overwhelmed by media hype with distortions of the truth and outright partisan drivel has restricted and confused us greatly.

This sorry state of affairs has developed due to a very fractured harsh and divisive two party structure which only offers extreme enmity in lieu of rationality.

Hope emerges however as there are real choices and options still available to us. The Libertarian party, as one example, offers candidates in certain races which deserve a serious look – perhaps the fact these particular people are never bought and paid for merits support.

Above all, the write-in space is the best refuge. The worn out canard of a wasted vote is hardly applicable here. Whenever a write-in space is utilized, it makes a statement – it declares a stand for better choices, and it stands as a profound protest against the tired oppression of major party politics which promises everything and never delivers. I, for one, am offended by out-of-state PAC money used to insult my intelligence and yours as well.

Certainly within our communities, there are fine people who have earned our respect and recognition for jobs and services well done. What would it hurt to write their names in lieu of some smug, self-serving, long entrenched politician who has forgotten – and chooses to ignore – their pledge to serve the public? Sadly, the so called opposition typically presents a pale version of similar inclinations. Is that a real choice?

So then, until Iowa adopts a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” option, sharpen your pencil (bring along an extra) and wear the point down expressing your outright dissatisfaction for unacceptable either-or choices. That would be a very forceful statement and, with enough of us involved, an enormously far-reaching impact.

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