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Rich Paulsen - What’s Up

Harvest time is upon us

As long as the rain gods stay away we look to be out mowing down the crops with those big combines that have been at the ready for the past few months. Early reports seem to indicate the yields are doing well. Both beans and corn are seem to be doing well. Now if we can just get the prices back up, that would be helpful. Just a warning there are lots of trucks and combines running around the county, so slow down on those gravel roads.

Slow progress

Both the downtown alley project and the West Howard Street redo seem to be taking a long time to complete. The downtown project was supposed to be finished by now, not just getting started. I’m hoping the large metal supports in the alley are gone before the snow flies. The Howard Street project near the fire station has been in slow motion all summer long. Even with the rains, it seems like they only worked on the project when they felt like it. Here’s hoping we get all these projects completed before the weather delays things till next year.


There will be a city wide pickup of items here in Creston from Oct. 22 through Nov. 2. Some of the items will be picked up for free. Others will have a fee associated with them. You can pick up a flyer at the City Office or Chamber of Commerce office to see the details of this offer.


The State of Iowa unemployment is at an almost all time low. It is currently 2.5 percent. We have counties like Adams and Taylor where the rate is only 1.7 percent and 1.9 percent. There seem to be jobs just everywhere. I’m not sure how some businesses keep their doors open. Finding help is a full-time job in itself anymore. Wages seem to be going up on a lot of jobs. There has also been more benefits passed along with many jobs. Employers are spending more on things like health care and retirement. The lack of employees at some businesses has caused the existing employees to pick up the slack by working overtime. The added money has helped the economy out. It has been a little tougher in the ag areas due to the fact the farm prices have been in a downturn the past few years.


I read where the tariffs are starting to kick in and the prices of many items like washers and dryers that are built somewhere else besides the USA are already up in price to the tune of 15 percent over three months ago. It seems to me like tariff is just another name for a tax. We are all going to pay the price if something isn’t done, and soon, on trade. Besides losing our markets across the seas is not good for agriculture by any means. China buys a lot of our food stuffs and, without them, it’s going to get even tougher on the ag sector. Here’s hoping for a quicker solution to the situation! I’m guessing those TV deals won’t be as attractive this Christmas as last.


Don’t forget your first half of your property taxes for the State of Iowa. They are due by Sept. 30. No reason to pay more than you have to. They went up enough this year already!


Most of all the new TV shows started this week. My wife always looks forward to the new shows and the continuation of the old shows. I enjoy watching “The Voice” and “Survivor.” I’m always amazed at the great singers out there. They need to have more than one winner.

Thought for the week: “I don’t like work – no man does – but I like what is in the work – the chance to find yourself.”– Joseph Conrad

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