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Rich Paulsen - What’s Up

The football season is upon us

Tonight the National Football League starts their season off with the defending champs of Philadelphia taking on Atlanta. Most colleges started last weekend and the high school kids have been playing for two weeks now. I had my Fantasy Football draft two weeks ago with my buddies in Scottsdale, Arizona. We’ve been playing together for 31 years. We travel to different destinations most every year. I’ve even had them out to Union County to do the draft. We had it at the marina at Three Mile Lake. They still talk about all the fun they had doing the draft here. Let the tailgates begin!


I, like a number of college football fans, got to experience the fun of tailgating, and the not so fun of watching of a game get canceled due to rain over at Nebraska last weekend. I’m sure the Iowa State fans have the same feeling I do with their bout of rain and a game cancellation. It goes to show you who is really in charge. “Mother Nature” always has the last word. The weather Saturday night in Lincoln reminded me of the day we went over to see the spring game in 2012 at Nebraska that got canceled, so we drove back to Creston only to be mowed over by the tornado that night back at home. Thank goodness my house was spared this time. 

Steaks and lemons

The price of steaks sure has come down over the last year. I see that T-bones are less than $5 per pound. Last year they were running about $4 a pound more than that. I keep hearing the beef herds are exploding out there and that prices this fall should be down for all consumers. Nothing like a good BBQ with inexpensive meat to help the budget.

The thing that is getting expensive and hard to find are lemons. Due to all the drought in California the lemons have been shriveling up and falling off the trees. I was in one store out in Arizona two weeks ago and they did not have one lemon in stock! 


Creston will have it’s 150th birthday next year. The committee is still looking for any idea’s you may have to join in on fun for next year. So if you have an idea for something to do, good ole’ Ellen down at the Creston Chamber of Commerce would be glad to hear it. The group is working on several activities for next year to celebrate.


If you want to see some good college golf, come out to Crestmoor Golf Course on Friday. SWCC is hosting the “War at the Moor” with several college teams coming to compete. They tee off at 11:30 a.m. and spectators are more than welcome. The women had their “War at the Moor” on Tuesday that got cut a little short due to a little rain late in the day. SWCC has a good golf team and should have a good chance to win their own tournament.


Even with the wet weather last weekend, the dove season was off to a good start. I know the local conservation group sponsored a group of kids out at the shooting range and feed plot. The report is that every one of the young shooters shot at least three birds. The feed plots around the county get a lot of attention this time of year. It brings in hunters from all over. This is another good thing the High Lakes group does for our county.

Still going

Some folks want to know how I’m doing with my weight loss. I’m down 95 pounds and about 10 pant sizes. Tim Gray of “The Lobby” fame just took up the same surgery last week and has now started his adventure into weight loss. Best of luck, Tim!

Thought for the week: Every day of our lives we are on the verge of making those changes that would make all the difference.  - Mignon McLaughlin

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