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Letters to the Editor

Stray cat population is once again out of control

From Marsha Wilson


Folks, the over populated cat situation is once again rearing it head. Yes, some neighbors have more cats than anyone can handle. The last 48 hours, I have heard nothing about cats, how people dislike them and they are over running the neighborhood. The city will not do anything about it. Currently, the city pound is as full of cats as it can get. There are people out there, that are not C.A.R.E. individuals that have farms and will take them. But first, they have to be caught.

At one time, the city had several live traps. I was informed by a city official, that yes, they had them, but they do not have as many as they used to have and for some reason, the ones that were set have not been returned. So no, we do not have an overload of live traps in the city of Creston to be able to round up all the cats.  

I have also been told some people are shooting the cats, and if I am not mistaken, and I could be, there is a law against abuse to animals. If you find joy out of shooting a harmless animal, then I am sorry, you have a problem.

I have written letters to the editor for years regarding “buying that cute little kitten or puppy” – they grow up, they require care, love and a home. Now they are at that stage ... so off we go tying them to the pound fence, taking them to country and dropping them off, leaving them on the highway to get hit and who knows what else. Pay attention people, I haven’t been talking for my health, you need to think about this before you buy them, and on that note, why buy when there are many that need to be adopted and given a forever home? Yes I know what I am talking about, we have four – yes, four rescue dogs – three boxers and a rat terrier. I won’t even go into their story before we got them.

Unfortunately it is spring, and yes, babies will be coming, so now there will be an addition to the already huge amount of cats we have. Bring a solution to the city, and we will most certainly consider it.  

I will end by saying fighting over the situation will not solve anything. Name calling and knocking the city for not doing their job is not going to help the matter at all. Please remember, along with this problem, we have nuisance properties to worry about, and a list longer than anyone can think. But again, it takes a long time to go through the court system to get this matter taken care of. If we had one person the budget would allow us to hire to take only problem calls, that person could work 24/7 and never make anyone happy.

Help us with solutions, and we will consider ...

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