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State fair results for Union County 4-H

Static exhibits: 

Kiefer Welch, animal science – blue 

Tyler Loudon, animal science – blue 

Morgan Van Gelder, agriculture and natural resources – blue 

Olivia Hartman, music – red 

Sarah King, photography – red 

Grace Hall, photography – blue 

Emmet Long, photography – blue 

Olivia Hartman, photography – blue 

Riley Beard, photography – red 

Nate Wells, photography – blue 

Hannah Walsh, photography – blue 

Sarah King, visual arts – blue 

Charlotte Watkin, clothing and fashion – blue 

Hope Woods, clothing and fashion – blue 

Quinten Fuller, consumer management – red 

Brooklyn Bolinger, food and nutrition – red 

Taron Needham, food and nutrition – blue 

Keegan Bailey, food and nutrition – red 

Hannah Woods, food and nutrition – judge’s choice 

Halle Evans, food and nutrition – blue 

Keegan Bailey, home improvement – blue 

Hannah Woods, home improvement – blue 

Chloe Larson, home improvement – blue 

Halle Evans, poster communication – seal of excellence 

Ali Van Gelder, citizenship – blue 

Chloe Larson, citizenship – blue 

Macy Evans, self determined – blue 

Hannah Walsh, self determined – red 

Macy Evans, self determined – blue 

Alissa Weinkoetz, mechanics – blue 

Owen Allen, mechanics – blue 

Aubrey Allen, mechanics – blue 

Seth Hudson, mechanics – blue 

Haydn Walters, woodworking – blue 

Bryson Raney, woodworking – blue 

Brooklyn Bolinger, woodworking – blue 

Breeding beef 

Gage Skarda – blue 

Riley Long, reserve champion, other breeds 

Allivea Skarda – blue 

Micha Stephens – blue 

Carson Rieck – purple, second in class 

Carson Rieck – blue 

Emmet Long – blue 

Kaden Wilson – purple, second in class 

Macy Adamson – blue 

Keegan Bailey – blue 

Kolbey Bailey – blue 

Kolbey Bailey – purple 

Peyton Long – blue 

Hayden Green – purple, first in class 

Market beef: 

Tyler Loudon, reserve champion Simmental 

Kaden Wilson, Div. 3 reserve champion crossbred steer 

Sanden Cheers – purple, second in class 

Macy Evans – blue 

Tyler Loudon – purple, second in class  

Marcey Bailey – blue 

Sanden Cheers – purple, first in class 

Hope Woods – blue 

Hannah Walsh – purple, second in class 

Austin Evans – purple 

Macy Evans – purple 

Macy Adamson – blue 

Hannah Woods – blue 

Beef showmanship: 

Hope Woods – blue 

Hannah Woods – blue 

Austin Evans – purple 

Carson Rieck – purple 

Marcey Bailey – purple 

Kolbey Bailey – blue 

Keegan Bailey – purple 

Macy Adamson – purple 

Tyler Loudon – purple 

Hayden Green – blue 

Allivea Skarda – blue 

Hannah Walsh – blue 

Breeding sheep: 

Payten Bierle– reserve champion 

Payten Bierle – blue 

Ali Van Gelder – blue 

Ali Van Gelder – blue 

Payten Bierle – blue 

Ali Van Gelder – blue 

Payten Bierle – blue 

Market sheep: 

Payten Bierle – blue 

Ali Van Gelder – blue 

Sheep showmanship: 

Payten Bierle – blue 

Awardrobe clothing event: 

Clarissa Hoffman – $15 challenge, participation 

Communications events: 

Riley Long – educational presentation, seal of merit 

Emmet Long – educational presentation, certificate of recognition 

Peyton Long – educational presentation, certificate of recognition 

Chloe Larson and Allivea Skarda – working exhibit, seal of excellence 

Clarissa Hoffman – Share the Fun, participation 

Riley Beard – Share the Fun, participation 

Sarah King – Share the Fun, participation 

Breeding swine: 

Kate Foglesong – purple, reserve champion other – breeding gilt 

Kate Foglesong – blue 

Mikaela Downing – purple, reserve medium weight commercial gilt 

Mikaela Downing – purple, champion lightweight commercial gilt 

Abby Tallmon – blue 

Tristen Rice – blue 

Market swine: 

Kate Foglesong – blue 

Mikaela Downing– reserve champion heavyweight market barrow 

Abby Tallmon – purple 

Mallory Tallmon – blue 

Noelle McKnight – blue 

Noelle McKnight – blue 

Tristen Rice – blue 

Mikaela Downing – purple 

Mikaela Downing – purple, first in class 

Mallory Tallmon – blue 


Halle Evans – pole bending champion 

Halle Evans – western pleasure pony – blue 

Halle Evans – barrel racing – blue 

Katie Adair – showmanship – red 

Katie Adair – horsemanship – blue 

Katie Adair – western walk/trot – red 

Dogs: Obedience: 

Cassie Christensen – reserve high-scoring pre-novice B 

Sierra Pearson – high-scoring pre-novice A 

Krista Pearson – high-scoring graduate open 

Cassie Christensen – blue 

Tyler Loudon – blue 

Caleb Pearson – red 

Riley Beard – purple 

Dogs: Rally: 

Riley Beard – purple 

Cassie Christensen – purple 

Dogs: Handling: 

Tyler Loudon – purple 

Cassie Christensen – blue 

Swine showmanship: 

Mallory Tallmon – blue 

Kate Foglesong – blue 

Mikaela Downing – purple 

Tristen Rice – purple 

Noelle McKnight – blue 

Horticulture: Tyler Loudon – beans – white; cucumbers – blue, red; onions – blue, red; peppers – blue, red (2); potatoes – red (3); squash – second in class, red (3); sweet corn – red; tomatoes – red (2); platters – second in class, red (4), white; other vegetables – red (2); basil – red; chive – red; dill – second in class.

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